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He also explained the difference between CUP and PSI and that John Garand was measuring pressure in maximum average chamber pressure with a copper crusher device. To quote, " 48,000 CUP is equivalent to approximately 57,000 PSI. M1 ball has every bit the pressure and velocity of modern 175 hunting ammo.

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Mar 22, 2020· The existing 3D models for the copper and zinc boulders have been tweaked. A new 3D model has been added for the rock crusher workstation; Bullet casings now craft faster (1s per casing) How to Setup. Download and extract this mod to your 7 Days to Die /Mods folder.

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The Copper Crusher Team prevents a potential disaster that could have stopped the manufacturing of .22 rimfire ammunition. The Copper Crusher Team – comprised of Phoenix Heat Treating, Sporting Arms and Manufacturers' Institute, (SAAMI), Olin-Winchester, and Cox Manufacturing, combined resources to re-create the .22-rimfire Copper Crushers.

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Sep 14, 2012· Bullet Ballistics: Velocity. Measuring gas pressure proved as difficult at first as measuring bullet velocity. Then, in the mid-1800s, Alfred Nobel and an American named Rodman came up with solutions to that problem at the same time. Rodman's, the crusher system, is still in use. Cases of rimfire ammunition are thin, limiting pressures.

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Apr 18, 2015· A: Copper Unit of Pressure (CUP) is a measurement used in the ammunition industry to determine the chamber pressure created by a cartridge load. Originally, a precisely formed copper slug was placed in a fixture over the chamber. When the cartridge was fired, the amount of crushing measured on the slug allowed engineers to determine the pressure.

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accept and fire ammunition from any producer. COPPER CRUSHER. The copper crusher is a mechanical procedure in which a test barrel is modified to contain a small piston installed over a . drilled cartridge case. Figure 3 on page 5 shows a cross-section of a typical copper .

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A crusher-type test barrel is pierced or ported at or near the chamber in a spot precisely called out in the cartridge's standards. Once a cartridge is loaded in the barrel, a soft copper gascheck is pushed into the port against the case, and a special steel piston is inserted and snugged against the gascheck.

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Rimfire copper ctushers for the industry, and he welcomed the challenge to join the copper- crusher team. Davis brought to the table 20 years of metallurgical/process engineering experience in the defense industry, including 16 years with Winchester Ammunition. For reasons already discussed, his experience with the copper-crusher component used for

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Firearms and Ammunition Manufactures then use these standards for the design and loading of their Guns and Ammunition. Until the mid 1960's the only method commonly used for measuring chamber pressures was the copper crusher. Basically, a hole is drilled in the chamber of a firearm and a crusher chamber is attached to that hole.

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Apr 18, 2015· A: Copper Unit of Pressure (CUP) is a measurement used in the ammunition industry to determine the chamber pressure created by a cartridge load. Originally, a precisely formed copper slug was placed in a fixture over the chamber. When the cartridge was fired, the amount of crushing measured on the slug allowed engineers to determine the pressure.

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Jun 22, 2014· Only SAAMI segregates copper crusher and Piezo transducer results with different units (CUP and psi). Everyone else uses the same pressure units for both, be it psi, MPa, or bar (tenths of an MPa), and you just have to have the inside track on which instrument made the measurement to know what you are looking at.

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Sep 12, 2012· Ammo makers know this and make the best ammo they can. .223 vs 5.56: Solving the Problem. One solution would be to only use .223-spec ammo. That can be okay, but, if you find a deal on 5.56 ammo, it kind of makes no sense to buy a "deal" you can't use. Also, some of the best ammo for some applications is 5.56-only.

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Apr 09, 2020· So, anything up to 62,000 psi Maximum Average Pressure (Piezo Pressure method), or 52,000 CUP Maximum Average Pressure (copper crusher method). I would not be comfortable shooting .308 commercial ammunition in my No. 4 7.62 NATO conversion unless I knew the MAP for that specific load. And, it may be subject to change.

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primarily used to measure pressure for ammunition testing. To measure pressure, a copper crusher cylinder is compressed by a piston fitted to a piston hole into the chamber of the test barrel. Pressure generated by the burning propellant acts on the base of the piston, forcing the piston to move, thereby permanently compressing the copper cylinder.

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Mar 14, 2011· It's an article with some history (the first Piezo gun pressure measuring device was made in 1922; the copper crusher was invented in 1860) and it presents data on a copper crusher vs. a non-conformal type Piezo transducer (gas sampling) that is co-installed on the same .30-06 barrel. The tests are done by H.P. White Laboratories.

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Most folks who shoot or reload ammunition have heard of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Inc., or SAAMI, but few know how it came about or the extent of its support for the firearm and ammunition manufacturing industries. When I came to my current position in 2011, I soon learned there was a lot about the organization that I didn't know.

The story of SAAMI's rimfire firing-pin indent copper crusher describes the reinvention of one of the most important tools in the ammunition and firearms industry (Fig. 1). This article explains the purpose and operation of the rimfire firing-pin indent copper crusher and how an unusual chain of events almost led to the disappearance of this ...

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